dilluns, 4 de gener de 2010


That weekend has been SO GREAT! I've just loved it.
On saturday I went to my boyfriend house to have a lunch with his family,
the brothers of his father. I'd had lots of fun. We laugh a lot, and we
ate a lot too haha.
In the evening we went to Palma to have a capuccino in Capuccino. Well,
in Palma there are about 7 Capuccino, and we went to the one that before was
an old fabric store. It's really nice! It's full of fabrics, and books... I think it's
a magic place where you should go if you visit Mallorca someday.
At night, we went to the cinema to see Avatar 3D. I had expected more, but it
was not bad at all... I liked the film, but I though it was gonna be more
special, I don't know... I just can remember that when I was five, I went to Disney World, 
in Orlando, Florida, and I saw an Arnold Schwarzenegger film, and it seemed like if the
gun were aiming you...Was so incredible.

"Fotos inside Capuccino"
I'm sorry, the photos were taken by a mobile phone

And yesterday we went to have a lunch with the aunt of Joan, her mother's sister,
in Sa Pobla. I felt really confortable, they are a really cute family, really household.
I have lots of fun everytime I see Pere Antoni, the child of the family. He's five
years old, and he is as sweet as the sugar. I promise I've never met a family as much
adorable as they, except of mine, of couse hahaha.
In the evening, we went back home cuz we were really tired, and I did a little homework.
I've done almost everything! I get stressed with greek, I promise that I can't with
this, but after when I understand it, it's the easier thing you can find, lol.
In the night, we went to Pub P-Dal, to have a dinner. We ate half pizza and half loin sandwitch
everyone. I enjoyed that dinner! After that we went back home, we saw TV, and he went
back to his home.
Maybe you think It was a simple weekend, but I promise I really had had much fun!

Oh! I already forget it!
CONGRATULATIONS to my beloved "mendonguilla" (Joan), cuz he has passed his
driving test! Hahaha, you know that since right now you'll be my own taxy.
I really LOVE YOU.

So, what about your weekend?
Lots of love.

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  1. What a great plan! You have a non stop weekend. You look very nice in both outfits!

    B* a la Moda

  2. Hi hem de tornar a nes Capuccino! Te love you


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