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Hi! How are you?
Last night I was reading VOGUE UK, and I just found the shoes that we would see on the feets of the street fashion girls. I've choosen a few cuz I couldn't put all of them, so that were the ones that I liked more.

These two are both from Derek Lam. I love their shape, because I think that both the heel and the platform are really comfortable. I think that the best option for to wear them is for going to the work, with an chic suite.
Oh Givenchy! How much I love it! This year he's comming with risky options, but very creative,
of course. I love the first ones for going to some coctel where you know that you're going to
walk a lot, or stand up. The second one I think that is more for going party. Me personally wouldn't wear it, but I love them! I think that they are too much "print" for me.
About Alexander Wand and Burberry I'm just gonna say that I feel really in love with them
and they can be the best option for leavin' with friends, or going shopping. They are fun, and comfortable. Maybe the AW could be used too for going to the office.
These too I would wear for going to a night party. The Valentino's maybe for a formal party, with
family or workmates and the Vera Wang for going to the disco. They look wery comfortable and I think that you can keep all night dancing!
The fun has just arrived by the way to Christian Dior! The look really nice, all about cuz they
are pink, a colour really trend this spring. Well, we've seen this colour in a lot of dresses of famous people, since the autum, and now they're coming in shoes. The other day I saw ones in H&M looking like these, really adorable! It's obvious that the pink ones are 
for going party, or maybe to a cute pub.
About Emilio Pucci I'm just going to say that the one who wears them is gonna feel really like an 
explorer. I adore their shape, and their leather. Maybe for going to the work?
And finally my favourite ones! The lady look.
I think that the Nina Ricci are so fab, cuz they are sweet with that pastel pink, and their lace small decorations. They've a different shape and I like it too! I would feel like Alice au pays des merveilles.
And about Oscar de la Renta I think that are more for a famous in a red carpet.
Don't know why but I can see them in the Dita Von Teese foots.
Don't you?

Well, these are my favourite shoes, what do you think about them?
Of course If you wanna see all the VOGUE's elecction, you can visit their
web on: Vogue UK

Well I'm going cuz today I've got a family lunch in Aucanada, so see you later!
Lots of love

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  1. I absolutely love the Nina Ricci. It is a gorgeous shoe. Also I like the first too. So wearable. I am not that fond of wedges.

    B* a la Moda

  2. this shoes are amazing!! I need some of them for survive!! please!! hahaha kisses

  3. maravillosos los zapatos de valentino, son un sueño!!


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