diumenge, 17 de gener de 2010

Sant Antoni 10'

Hey ya! How's it going? I've had a tremendous great weekend! Really loved it. On friday my mendonguilla did his english exam, so we went to Inca and spend the evening there. After I went to my pilates class, and at night, we saw the film el espinazo del diablo, a film from Gillermo del Toro. It's a part of the triology of El laberinto del fauno. On saturday morning me and Joan went to Palma to buy somethings, and we came back at 16'00. I had dinner and came back to Palma with my girls at 17'00. I was really tired, but the night was waiting for me. Yesterday was Sant Antonis's Eve. In Mallorca is tradition to do some bonefires, with evils dancing and singing... sant antoni i el dimoni jugaven a 31... LOL. There was a tremendous show,  with a lot of fire, we had really fun! After we went to have dinner in a Joan's uncle house.

And after the show, we went to some pubs. For me the best was the Plaça Pub. There were lot of rock,
and 80's music, so goooood!

What about your weekend? Have you held Sant Antoni too?

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