dissabte, 9 de gener de 2010

On sales, and king's presents-

Hello guys! How's it going?
This morning I went with ariadna to Palma to buy somethings. I'm really happy
cuz I found many things that had long sought. I really love the sales, you can
buy all what you wanted before but you couldn't bought it cuz it was too expensive!

I love that print sunglasses, they are very big and pretty! They look much like sunglasses for the stars in THE HILLS.

This black jacket is very comfortable and very warm! I really adore it.

That jeggins are a dream come true! I hate the classic jeans, they are really difficult to wear, LOL. 
Some parts of my body have got a size, another parts have another size... I hate it! And with the
jeggins all is tailored to you.

OMG! Have you seen that blouse? It really looks like the D&G blouse. It's from Sfera,
when I first saw it, I wanned to cry of the emotion, it's wonderful!

This skirt is from Sfera, and I think that is perffect for going to the school 
I adore it!

My step-mother gave me this make-up bag, Isn't nice?

And my boyfriend bought me this bag, I really adore it! I can wear it with everything. 

P.S: My parents are gonna buy me a TV for my room, cuz I've got an old TV and is difficult to play
with the Wii with this. Oh! And some new furniture too.

Have you already gone to sales?
Lots of love

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  1. whoa you got a lot there! :)
    that purse is super cute, love it.
    i can't live without my tv and the wii anymore :)

    +bu the right thing

  2. love all your presents!!



  3. OMGG!! todos tus regalos son fantasticos, me encantan!! sobre todo la blusa "D&G" jajajaj bss bonita!

  4. si, "puso verdes" a las mujeres que se quejan de su sobrepeso y se pasan el día sentadas en el sofá. pero no te lo debes tomar muy en serio, viniendo de un hombre que ha pesado el triple de lo que es ahora, jajaja!


  5. Hola! Gracias por tu comentario! Me ha encantado tu blog!! y tus compritas!! ya tienes una nueva seguidora! XD yo confio en poder irme de rebajas esta semana!! a ver que tal se me dan!
    Como propositos de este año tengo entre muchos otros adelgazar, ir mas al gim, y terminar la carrera!!!no esta mal!

  6. Me encanta la blusa, las gafas, el abrigo y el bolso! :)

    bueno y la caja de pinturas es una monada..

    Pues yo fuí el otro día a H&M y a Zara y no había mucha cosa la verdad, me compré solamente una camiseta azul con lentejuelas de Zara! jeje


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