dilluns, 25 de gener de 2010

Need a breath ++

OK. I’ve not updated since a week ago… I’m sorry I’ve been busy! Not for exams or that things.. But yes a lot of homework and a lot of time for being out! Now that Joan has got car we spend all day going everywhere. It’s just out new toy, you know! :) But now exams time is coming and I’m a bit afraid… Tomorrow I’ve got the science exam, on thursday the philosophy one, and on friday the morphology greek’s exam (I don’t know how to start it).

I need to spend some days like the girl of the photo, could be fun!
So, good look if you’re in exams days or if you’re stressed with your work!

By the way, wanned to show u too our saturday. There were correfocs in Palma, cuz it was Sant Sebastià 2010. Lots of fireworks, devils and u know ;).


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  1. I love this blog!!!!
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    Sweet Kissssss

  2. Me encanta esa foto, un estilo muy vintage...

    Un saludo!
    Gracias por pasarte.

  3. i lovve that first picture!



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