dimarts, 26 de gener de 2010

Inside my room ++

I thought I could show you some photos of the place where I live. Yeah, I spend my life in my room… It’s not the prettiest room that you’ve ever seen, but it’s mine, and that says it all.
As you can see I like to write some love notes. For example mi love note of today has been: If you work hard on it, you’ll see your progress. It really helps me a lot when I’ve got a bad moment to still working hard in what I’m doin’
By the way, I’ve found a new program inside the new windows live, called Windows Live Writter and since today I’ll post from there. It’s a program made for the blog, I really love it! There are lots of possibilities and you can update without enter in your blog page, it’s an imitation. I’m enjoying a lot with this.


3 comentaris:

  1. hay un bolso colgado de tu puerta que me encanta


  2. me ha encantado el recordatorio: If you work hard it, you´ll see your progress...
    gran blog :)


  3. Qué habitación tan romanticona. Con ese color de fotos le das un toque. La notita me ha encantado y en eso hay que pensar para seguir adelante cada día.

    B* a la Moda


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