dimarts, 5 de gener de 2010

Don't break my sunglasses +++ 5/01

Hello bloggers! How are you?
This morning I woke up thinking about sunglasses. Don't ask me why. I really
love them! I think that this is the perfect accessorie for a sunny day, and even if there's
no sun, LOL! I made a selecction of the ones that I like to wear this spring.
I'm saving money for to buy two or three. Last year I went with the ray-ban clubmaster, the
normal ray-ban, and a round black and white sunglasses from Mango.
You can see that I love the butterfly-shaped and the round ones too.
They are really lady, so lovely! Yes, another one of my purposes for this 2010 is
to lose my casual style, and make it a little lady. Just a little, and just for going party
and that things... I mean, for goin' school, I'll wear casual of course hahaha.
So, which ones are your favourite?
Lots of love

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  1. Me encantan todos los estilos que propones, pero soy fiel a mis wayfarer azules, las adoro!

    Un besito enorme y gracias por dejar tu comentario.


Thanks for those lovely coments! :) I promise I'll answer them when I'll be able. xxx