dijous, 14 de gener de 2010

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Hi guys, how is it going? Good week? Mine is being super! Today the deutsch teacher has gon
from the high-school, and yesterday we made her a goodbye party. We're really gonna miss her, she is so sweet... 
Today I've done my english presentation in class, it's a kind of speaking. I've got a 10! I've talked about journalism, the kind of journalism that there are... and that things, you know. I've really loved doing it.
Tomorrow my "mandonguilla" has got an english exam for join the EOI in an intensive course of /english for adults. I think he's gonna have fun. On monday I had started it again, I really hate it, it's really booooooring! But well, two years and I'll have the advanced tittle. Lucky me! LOL.
This weekend me and Joan plan going to Valldemossa. It's a pretty village from Mallorca near
Esporles, very rustic! It has long wanted to go, and that now Joan has a car, makes easy the things.

So, what about your plans?

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  1. gracias guapa! que tengas un año super feliz tú también, aunque el anterior dejara mucho que desear, cambio de chip!

  2. Tu blog cada día me gusta más!!

    Pásate por el mío, hay concurso!

    Muchos besos y feliz finde!


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