dijous, 28 de gener de 2010

Change, change, change…

Hi dear bloggers! Today is a changes day. I promise to myself that I will study more, I will love my friends and family more… and I’m blonde! (Well, a bit), can u see the difference? I’ve done it with a blond spray. In the photo of the coffe it’s me without anything. In this one over here It’s my first change and in the second, the second and definitive change.
I went this evening with Joan to have a coffe in s’ART, a very chic pub in Inca, to celebrate our 2 years and 4 months. Really love him!
DSC00741 DSC00742

2 comentaris:

  1. Hi!

    i love your blonde hair look!!! its amazing you have done it just with a spray!!!


  2. felicidades por esos 2 años y 4 meses!!
    y claro que se te nota, un ligero cambio!
    beso guapa


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