dijous, 3 de desembre de 2009

Winter, cold winter-


photos from Vogue

Hello dear friends! How are you?
Today I've done my last tests, the phylosophy and english tests. I'm really glad with my marks from these last days, I've studied a lot and I can see it in the results. Actually, my class is the cleverest class from bachillerat, all of them are genius! I'm really glad of had met them this year.

Now that everything has ended, I'm feeling really free, but.. NO! WAIT. On wednesday I've got the last one, the decissive... the catalan exam. I'm afraid, I don't understand a lot this unit, but well... I'll try it, lol.

On friday my beloved friend Mariana is going to Catalunya to ski. Brr, envy is killing me :). I've updated that photos cuz I love the environment, and there are some details like the bag or the gloves, that I would to suggest to her.. God, I'm gonna miss her a lot!

Tomorrow the holiday starts, and on saturday I'll go to buy my New Year's Eve dress. I'll show you that one on sunday. 

Keep in touch.
Peeeace (L)


4 comentaris:

  1. Hey! Supongo que se llamará 'Scusa ma ti chiamo amore', que así es en italiano.

    Y supongo que, al igual que las otras, estará subtitulada. Todavía me queda medio libro y ya podré verla! :)

    Un beso

  2. el otro dia estaba en un centro comercial y sono LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW.

    ese tema.. ameee.. me sentia en new york.. jajajajajaja
    graaacias.. y... nop.. jajaja no sigo moda.. sigo diseño industrial y grafico.. pero me gusta mucho la moda y la fotografia :)

    vos que estudias?

  3. muchas gracias!
    qué ganas de nieve tengoooo!

  4. No que va estoy en 4 de eso..jaajjaja..
    pues mola mucho la plantilla :)
    Un besazo guapa :DD


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