diumenge, 20 de desembre de 2009

Snow day-

Hello everybody! It's been a perfect weekend. I couldn't had had more fun, lol. 
On saturday I went with my beloved http://www.ariadnascloset.blogspot.com/ and Mariana to
the pavilion to see a basket match. Inca vs Binissalem.

I couldn't see the end, cuz we had to go, but hope that Binissalem had won :).
At night they went to a birthday party of a guy, and I went to my cousin's birthday.
He's one year old, and he is the cutest baby I've ever seen ( I'm not saying it cuz
he is my cousin, no, he really is beautiful! ). About half past eleven, me, Gemma, Petra,
Marina and Majo went to the Doble Cero, a pub in Lloseta. There were good
environment, good music and many shandies!
I went home at one p.m.

This morning I've sleept since my beloved Joan came to see me, and woke me up, f***.
So sweet as always... Really love him.
In the evening we went to the snow, to spend our time making snow men and 
snow's wars. There were a lot of snow, and the scenery was beautiful.
We have had dinner at his house. We ate gordon blue, chips and
Now I'm doing my latin's homework, i've completly forgot it! Lol.
Lots of love.

8 comentaris:

  1. Aaay que suerte! aquí no nieva ni pagando.

    Pues yo me enteré ayer por el Twitter, supuestamente fue por un paro cardíaco.

    Un beso!

  2. Hola! me encanta tu blog, os invito a que visitéis el mío www.fashionhorrors@blogspot.com. Espero que os guste. Muchas gracias!!!
    besos infinitos,

  3. Quina enveja.. jo també hi volia anar! :)
    xoxo (L)

    PS. crec que el Binissalem va guanyar ;)

  4. que hermosas foto.. como quisiera que aca nevara aunque sea un poquito :)


  5. Beautiful pictures but they also make me kind of sad.. I really wish it would snow over here. It looks like you had a lot of fun, I'm just waiting for snow to start falling but that might not happen. Oh well. Happy Holidays!!

  6. que suerte...con nievee!! aquí puede hacer el frio mas desesperante del mundo, con viento y sensación de humedad pero nunca nieva.. :((

    Un besazooo


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