dimecres, 23 de desembre de 2009

One day for Xmas eve

Hallo meine Freunde
wie geht's?
Today has been a very loong looooong looooong day.
In the morning I went school cuz the delivered the marks. I've passed all
my subjects!
My boyfriend came to my house to have lunch, and after, about 3, I went
with Imma, Mariana and Ariadna to Palma, cuz we had to buy
our last presents all and that things.. you know.
I've really enjoyed Palma today, It was prettier than ever.
We went inside little streets, and we saw magic things, I know, I know... It's christmas!
Well I've made some photos.

And I gotta show you too my new shoes and some accessories. I'm gonna wear them in New Year's Eve. 

Do you like them? Hope you do haha. Are you ready for tomorrow? Do you know what are you gonna cook for xmas's dinner? 
Lots of love.

It is 10 am. Today I do not know what to do ... Everything is ready. Sorry, I'm too lazy to update, so I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR from this entry, which I did last night. There isn't much time difference haha. Well, that, I hope you are super happy and that Sant Nicolau/ Santa Claus/ Noel would give you a lot of presents. .... PEACE!

7 comentaris:

  1. Eso son ligas?! :D

    Pues yo cenaré junto a toda mi familia en casa de mis abuelos como siempre, aunque este año somos más y veremos a ver dónde nos metemos jajaja. Me llevaré la cámara que eso va a ser digno de captar! xD

    Feliz Navidad guapa! Un besito

  2. Great pics you posted, very interesting.
    Love your accessories, I am sure you are going to look lovely on new years eve.

    Have a merry and joyful Christmas!

  3. L'autor ha eliminat aquest comentari.

  4. hola!!! perdona por tardar tantísimo en contestar a tu cmentario, pero es que llevo un retraso enorme! la camisa que me comentabas que te gustaba es de Stradivarius pero es de la temporada primavera verano. En todos mis looks, debajo pongo de donde es cada prenda y de que temporada es ;)

    Un besiño y feliz navidad!!!

  5. Menudos planes te montas. Qué divertido. Te deseo lo mejor para el año que viene.

    B* a la Moda

  6. thx for following my blog! Love urs, adorable pics!


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