dimarts, 15 de desembre de 2009

Hi ya! How's it going?
this has been a very stressing day! On first, last days at school, we are all a bit out of control. Lots of free hours, some teachers can't come because maybe there are a meeting of selectivity, or maybe they're ill.
In the evening I have had to luch really quick, cuz at 16'45 I've had a meeting with the teachers, the evaluation session. I'm the sub-delegated, and me and Juan, the delegated had to go to the meeting. This has been my first important meeting, I've had lot of fun! 
After, I've acompanied Juan to the travel agency, he's going to Barcelona for a few days, I told him to do a lot of photos! After, I left Juan and I went to my boyfriend's house untill 19'00, when I went home.
I had to practice a lot a poem, there is a recital tomorrow at school, and I will recite the poem: "A Mallorca during the civil war" of Baltassar Pòrcel.
If you're interested on it, you can found it here:

On the other hand,  I've been looking university courses, if the note is not enough for journalism, for the love of god, let it be. I found a very interesting used to be deputy, "political science and public management."
I think it's really interesting, but of course, on the first of all, journalism or public relations.

These days I've become addicted to Ugly Betty, love all the clothes and their environment, it's just so cool... who doesn't wanna be there? I promise I wanna!
Above all I would like to be like Amanda, she is really nice and at bottom, has a great heart.
Looking the photos, don't you love it?

Lots of lovE.

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  1. Love Ugly Betty! I once interviewed the costume designer of the series. It was so interesting-

    B* a la Moda

  2. That show is so funny!
    -Alicia D'mon


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