dimarts, 8 de desembre de 2009



Hi friends! Here you are the selecction of hats that I've done for this winter... What do you think about them? I think that they are really feminine, very like the 40's years. I love this style. I know that a lot of you prefer a more modern style, wild... But I think that classical clothes are more beautiful... They take you to another time. It's magic. 

Bah, today is gonna be a looooong day. I'm reading la voz dormida - Dulce Chacón. It's a nice book, but I think that it's a bit longer.. there are too isotopies. But it's nice, and thanks to all the people who fought in the war, today we have a widespread culture.
Well, what I was saying is that I'm on page 250 and there are 416 ... I have to spend all day reading, and tomorrow I've got a Catalan test, and I have to pass this exam, I WILL! lol.

I'm really stressed... Well, tomorrow is gonna be another day!

Have a nice wednesday :).
Lots of love.

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  1. Hi, nice hats, really cool! Thanks for commenting on my funny and other site, always nice to hear people enjoy something I post.
    Hope your exam goes well!

  2. No me defiendo en absoluto en aleman....te juro q me sonaba a chino...jaja tire del idioma internacional! Tienes razon es encantadora la ciudad! un saludoo!
    Por cierto me qdo con el gorro del medio d la ultima fila! me encantan ese tipo d gorritos!! muaaa!!



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