dissabte, 26 de desembre de 2009

All night long-heavin' fun ++++++24

Hello my beloved readers!
How are you? How're this xmas going?
Mine has been really fun! On 24th we had dinner at home, with the family, and we really laugh a lot! I've been missin' my family... They are 
all so cute! 
After, about 23'15 p.m, me and my cousin Cati went to Inca, cuz we we're going to have a little fun, both with their friends haha. 
Together but not mixed. I love her.After, about 3 p.m, I'd found my 4 little cousins, well, on really I'm the smallest, well, we met and we made one foto! I hadn't had any photo of us all togheter. We are 28 cousins, cuz my grandma had 10 children xD!
Well, that photos are from the dinner.

"Mum and dad presents"
"Dad, mum and me"

"My present, the cologne Lady Rebel by Mango"

And the last photos are taken in the Perestroika, the
step-father of my boyfriend. A really cool club in Inca, I really enjoy being there!

What about your dinners, and your presents, what about your dinner, your gifts and your parties?

7 comentaris:

  1. Feliz Natal.
    tudo de bom pra você
    1 abraço
    Of The Moda

  2. feliz navidad!! :)
    que regalos mas chulos!!!

    Un besitooo

  3. I'm glad you had a great Christmas! Very cute pictures, Happy Holidays!!

  4. En serio? jajaja te juro que pensaba que eran ligas!

    Andaaaa! te regalaron también el estuche de Lady Rebel ^^

    28 primos? O_O jajaja

  5. q guapa estás!
    fotos no sé, pero salir, eso seguro!


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