dijous, 31 de desembre de 2009


HAPPY 2010

Beloved Bloggers, thank you very much for writting me all the 09'.
Hope you still reading me since 10'
I greatly all your comments, and all your visits.
from the depths of my heart, I wish you'll have an adorable 2010.
Thank you, again.

I've done this collage with all the important moments from the 09'


P.S: You'll new things about me next year (L)

dimecres, 30 de desembre de 2009

Before new year.




dissabte, 26 de desembre de 2009

All night long-heavin' fun ++++++24

Hello my beloved readers!
How are you? How're this xmas going?
Mine has been really fun! On 24th we had dinner at home, with the family, and we really laugh a lot! I've been missin' my family... They are 
all so cute! 
After, about 23'15 p.m, me and my cousin Cati went to Inca, cuz we we're going to have a little fun, both with their friends haha. 
Together but not mixed. I love her.After, about 3 p.m, I'd found my 4 little cousins, well, on really I'm the smallest, well, we met and we made one foto! I hadn't had any photo of us all togheter. We are 28 cousins, cuz my grandma had 10 children xD!
Well, that photos are from the dinner.

"Mum and dad presents"
"Dad, mum and me"

"My present, the cologne Lady Rebel by Mango"

And the last photos are taken in the Perestroika, the
step-father of my boyfriend. A really cool club in Inca, I really enjoy being there!

What about your dinners, and your presents, what about your dinner, your gifts and your parties?

dimecres, 23 de desembre de 2009

One day for Xmas eve

Hallo meine Freunde
wie geht's?
Today has been a very loong looooong looooong day.
In the morning I went school cuz the delivered the marks. I've passed all
my subjects!
My boyfriend came to my house to have lunch, and after, about 3, I went
with Imma, Mariana and Ariadna to Palma, cuz we had to buy
our last presents all and that things.. you know.
I've really enjoyed Palma today, It was prettier than ever.
We went inside little streets, and we saw magic things, I know, I know... It's christmas!
Well I've made some photos.

And I gotta show you too my new shoes and some accessories. I'm gonna wear them in New Year's Eve. 

Do you like them? Hope you do haha. Are you ready for tomorrow? Do you know what are you gonna cook for xmas's dinner? 
Lots of love.

It is 10 am. Today I do not know what to do ... Everything is ready. Sorry, I'm too lazy to update, so I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR from this entry, which I did last night. There isn't much time difference haha. Well, that, I hope you are super happy and that Sant Nicolau/ Santa Claus/ Noel would give you a lot of presents. .... PEACE!

diumenge, 20 de desembre de 2009

Snow day-

Hello everybody! It's been a perfect weekend. I couldn't had had more fun, lol. 
On saturday I went with my beloved http://www.ariadnascloset.blogspot.com/ and Mariana to
the pavilion to see a basket match. Inca vs Binissalem.

I couldn't see the end, cuz we had to go, but hope that Binissalem had won :).
At night they went to a birthday party of a guy, and I went to my cousin's birthday.
He's one year old, and he is the cutest baby I've ever seen ( I'm not saying it cuz
he is my cousin, no, he really is beautiful! ). About half past eleven, me, Gemma, Petra,
Marina and Majo went to the Doble Cero, a pub in Lloseta. There were good
environment, good music and many shandies!
I went home at one p.m.

This morning I've sleept since my beloved Joan came to see me, and woke me up, f***.
So sweet as always... Really love him.
In the evening we went to the snow, to spend our time making snow men and 
snow's wars. There were a lot of snow, and the scenery was beautiful.
We have had dinner at his house. We ate gordon blue, chips and
Now I'm doing my latin's homework, i've completly forgot it! Lol.
Lots of love.

dimarts, 15 de desembre de 2009

Hi ya! How's it going?
this has been a very stressing day! On first, last days at school, we are all a bit out of control. Lots of free hours, some teachers can't come because maybe there are a meeting of selectivity, or maybe they're ill.
In the evening I have had to luch really quick, cuz at 16'45 I've had a meeting with the teachers, the evaluation session. I'm the sub-delegated, and me and Juan, the delegated had to go to the meeting. This has been my first important meeting, I've had lot of fun! 
After, I've acompanied Juan to the travel agency, he's going to Barcelona for a few days, I told him to do a lot of photos! After, I left Juan and I went to my boyfriend's house untill 19'00, when I went home.
I had to practice a lot a poem, there is a recital tomorrow at school, and I will recite the poem: "A Mallorca during the civil war" of Baltassar Pòrcel.
If you're interested on it, you can found it here:

On the other hand,  I've been looking university courses, if the note is not enough for journalism, for the love of god, let it be. I found a very interesting used to be deputy, "political science and public management."
I think it's really interesting, but of course, on the first of all, journalism or public relations.

These days I've become addicted to Ugly Betty, love all the clothes and their environment, it's just so cool... who doesn't wanna be there? I promise I wanna!
Above all I would like to be like Amanda, she is really nice and at bottom, has a great heart.
Looking the photos, don't you love it?

Lots of lovE.

diumenge, 13 de desembre de 2009

Petit desastre animal-

"Bon clima i aliment"

"Llumetes de Nadal"

"tu i jo serem sempre nosaltres"
Good morning!
How are you?
I'm really happy, today I slept until 11'47. Well, there're many plans waiting for a Sunday, although I think it's raining ...I'm not sure, I hadn't leave bed yet. It's so warm ... It is good to have a laptop, not right? but my hands are freezing! I spend hours listening Vetusta Morla, lately I really like this group. Today I had planned to hike up the mountain but I'm lazy! Yesterday afternoon, as I said, I went shopping with my boyfriend, in the end I didn't went to the football match because I had to buy so many gifts to buy and plan what I want too haha. I think the Lady Rebel colony, two paintings to the wall (can expect), a game for the Wii ... don't know, don't know...
Well, tell me about your weekend!
Lots of love.

Bon dia!
Com estéis? Estic molt contenta, avui he dormit fins a les 11'47. Tenia molts de plans per avui, però de fet, crec que esta ploguent.. La veritat, no ho sé, encara estic dins els llit! xD És tan calent ... És bo tenir un ordinador portàtil, no? però les meves mans estàn congelades a més no poder! Em passo hores escoltant Vetusta Morla, últimament m'agrada molt aquest grup. Avui havia planejat anar d'excursió a la muntanya, però estic molt mandrossa!
Ahir a la tarda, com he dit, vaig anar de compres amb el meu loveer, al final no vaig anar al partit de futbol perquè havia de comprar molts de regals encara, i planetjar que vull per jo, es clar LOL.
Crec que la colònia LADY REBEL, dos cuadres per la paret de l'habitació. (pot esperar), un joc per la Wii ... No ho sé, no sé ... Bé, explicau-me que tal el vostre cap de setmana!

dissabte, 12 de desembre de 2009


in the photo it seems to be pink, but on really it's beige :)

Just another saturday.. another non stop saturday.
I woke up at 9 in the morning. At 10 I was taking a train to Inca
to buy my new year's eve shoes. I hadn't found nothing! But after, I went for a walk
to see some shops, and in Colours and Beauty I've found this clutch. Lovely, not right?
I think that this is going to be perfect with my dress.

On the other hand, I've found this photo from Mango, this is the first dress
that I wanted to buy, but I didn't found it... =/.
Lucky me, I've got the perfect dress (well, my favourite), and I'm
really glad of heavin' it.
What do you think about this one?

In the evening I'm going to the city, Palma, to buy some christmas presents
for my parents, to see If can I find some shoes, and some accessories...
Lots of love!

divendres, 11 de desembre de 2009

Put the music ON

Lovely friday?
Tomorrow in the evening I'm going to buy some shoes for new year's eve. In the evening lot of love with my boyfriend! And of course going to the football to see a friend of my friend Mariana.
Have fun!

dijous, 10 de desembre de 2009


21 DAYS.
Yes, I'm just waiting for the New Year's Eve. I'm so nervous! I think that my look is gonna be a bit bold... I know that maybe some people is going to talk, cuz life in a village is no more that this.
But well, If we don't dare when we are sixteen, when are we gonna do it?
Life is short, and that night, is THE NIGHT. Well, I'm not going to look excesive, cuz i've said it like I were going to go disguised as a bear or something like that! No, it's trend, but you know that   among 100 people, 90 are going to look at you wrong. Do you know? F*** them!
But I think that you will like the look. Or at least, I hope so! Lol.

Well, on the other hand I wanted to show you my new find. I love this bracelet! Isn't cute?

And what I really need for THE NIGHT, is a very beautiful black shoes, hope find some one,
cuz last week I went for a walk to Palma, and I didn't see nothing... Poor me!
And of course I need too one of this:

Tomorrow is friday, so hope you'll have a nice weekend! 
Lots of love.


Només 21 dies.

Sí, estic a l'espera de l'Any Nou. Estic tan nerviosa! Crec que el meu look serà una mica atrevit ... Sé que potser algunes persones xerrin, la vida dins un poble no és més que això. Però bé, si no ens atrevim quan tenim setze anys, quan ho farem? La vida és curta, i aquesta nit, és la nit. Bé, tampoc no és que vagi excesiva, perquè pareixia que deia que aniria disfressada com un ós o alguna cosa així! No, és la tendència, però vostè sap que entre 100 persones, 90 et miraràn malament. Saps? F *** ells! Però crec que a vosaltres us agradarà. O almenys, això espero! Jajaja.

Us agrada el nou braçalet? I els tocats que m'agraden per cap d'any? Paau (L)

dimecres, 9 de desembre de 2009


Hello! It's being a long day... I'm tired, i hadn't slept tonight. This morning at 8'00 o'clock I've had a catalan test. It was easy, or I think so, lol! After the break, we have had another test. A spanish test about the book that I talked you about, La voz dormida.
Now I'm going to sleep a bit, cuz I can't stand myself. In the evening I've got EOI... I wanna be in christmas now! I'm looking forward to decorate the christmas tree, and to make the crib. "Aaaaiii..."
Well, hope you'll have a nice wednesday.

Lots of love