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Leggins: The new trousers?

Hello everyone! How are you? Sorry, I've been really bussy with all my tests, I really hate the school, lol. I'm back and I wanna talk to you about the leggins. I really love them! Actually, in my closet there aren't more than 2 or 3 jeans, it's full of leggins! Some jenas-leggins, sport-leggins and leather-leggins :).
I've updated some photos from marie claire (the magazine), from different designers, hope you like them and tell me what you think about the leggins!

Roberto Caballi-
He has chosen leather leggins with some little zippers in the sides. This look is perfect for to hang out with friends, it's really fem fatale. I know that the total black look is fashionable, but I alwaus need a bit of colour in my outfits. Actually I love all the grey tonalities.

Pedro del hierro-
Pedro is more classic. He chose a brown leather jeans, with a voluminous coat and gives a rock touch to the outfit with that booties.

Ninna Richie-
I love this outfit! Is really avant-gardist. My favorite part is the coat, I want one like this! The other day I went shopping in Palma, and I see one like this but in red. God, in the moment I fell in love... The violet leggins are really cool, and dared, with a bit of leather too (leatherleatherleather, lol).

Isabel Marant-
Isabel gives us a perfect look for one office day. The classic black leggins (my first ones were black, just like this!) The trench is adorable too, and that booties with tacks... huuum. Can some designer make a clown? lol.

Diane Von Furstemberg-
Diane is always surprising us with different looks. That leggins are a print mix, with brown tonalities. Personally I don't like them, but there are always different opinions. The bag and the shoes are georgeous, so chic.

Always so risked, but so feminine. Once again our beloved Chanel dazzles us with their designs. Personally I don't know if I could wear one of this, but it's so cute... (with that glasses and that hair I can't see the model's face)

Alexander Wang-
He still being in the 80's!
That broken leggis are nice, you can wear it with a white t-shirt with the rollin's symbol and a black booties.
So you're ready for a rock'n'roll night!

So what do you think?
Would you wear some of theese?
Lot of love.

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  1. Me encantan los leggins, son super faborecedores y estilizan mucho la figura.La verdad esque yo tampoco sabría ponerme los de chanel,,,
    un besito linda!

  2. este blog está genial!
    te sigo!

  3. grqaciaaas!!

    me gusta tu actulizacion!

    un kiss

  4. Credit: Elle... gracias preciosa...espero hayas disfrutado del finde...besetessssss


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