dilluns, 16 de novembre de 2009


Aren't they cute? Edward and Bella by Barbie. Little girls, now you'll can play to bite the girl, or to be the one who's bitten.

Who's the one who doesn't love Barbie? Yes, that perfect girl that all we wanted to be. The girl with 100 works, as clever as pretty and sweet as she can be.
Louboutin loves her, and she knows it.
In her 50th birthday (just like if she was 20th, the plastic girl, you know), Louboutin did her some dresses inspired since a kind of Satine (Moulin Rouge), to some hollywood divas.

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  1. jajaja no me puedo creer lo d edward!! jaja es genial!!! saludosss:)

  2. enserio, Who's the one who doesn't love Barbie?

  3. Edward lo más, pero yo nunca he tenido barbies... no me han llamado nunca, no era de muñecas... pero a EDW me lo llevaría, de tamñano natural, si fuera posible.

  4. Yo webs online te recomiendo 100% ASOS, TOPSHOP y HAZEL, yo nunca he tenido problema y sí me han parecido 100% de fiar.
    Gracias por pasarte por mi blog!

  5. Pero que pedazo fotos mas genialees !
    Yo era de las que tenian mil barbies con su vestidito y su respectivo ken :DD
    xoxo (:

  6. So, I think I am going to be the only one that answers to your question saying: "Me". ;)
    I have never had a Barbie and it is a doll that I don´t like. I like the whole universe that they created with her. I do. But I won´t buy my little girl one.

    B* a la Moda

  7. Hahaha!
    Molt bo es post de ses Barbies.

    PS. Ens veim tonight? T'estim BB


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