dilluns, 30 de novembre de 2009


Hello dear friends!
How are you? Sorry, I know I've been long time without post anything, but
I have had a lot of exams these two weeks, and there were no time for update.
Lucky, next week is holiday since wednesay, and gonna have a bit time for
a break. 

My mum today came to my room and... what's that? My dreams skirt.
Long ago I asked her to make a skirt like that. It's not the pretiest skirt you've ever seen,
but that skirt reminds me of a skirt that had when i was a child.
It's very 60's style. Like a school skirt, lol!

And I guess that you've seen my new template, so, what do you think about it?

Hope you enjoy your week, and spend all your minutes like if they were the last ones!



Hola amics! Com estau? Perdó per no haver pujat res en tant de temps, però és que he tengut molts d'examens aquestes dues darreres setmanes i no hi havia temps per actualitzar. Afortunadament sa setmana que ve és festa fins dimecres, i tendré un poc de temps per descansar.
Avui mumare m'ha duit la falda dels meus somnis, feia TAN I TAN de temps que l'estava esperant... M'ha donat una alegria enormement grossa! Hem recorda a una falda que tenia de petita... Ai. És molt de l'estil dels 60, pareix d'un uniforme escolar, no trobau? haha
Us agrada la meva nova plantilla?
Feis bonda.

diumenge, 22 de novembre de 2009


How's it been?
Have you had a nice weekend? Mine has been a bit boring, but lucky, I went to the city on saturday and I could buy two pairs of shoes and some stockings. I made some photos cuz I would like you to tell me what do you think about them.

Oh! One friend of mine from London called me yesterday, and she told me that in february I'll be able to go there to visit her! I'm as glad as someone can be :).

Lot of love.

dissabte, 21 de novembre de 2009

tribute to new moon-

New moon. Can't stop saying that two words.
I fell in love with the film, on thursday I went to watch it.
Just like the first, is so perfect... The magic, the stars, and
all the little details. I remember that in the first film,
twilight, I became obsessed with the movie, lol.

Haven't you seen it yet?


P.S: The pictures are taken from the Harper's Bazaar magazine

dijous, 19 de novembre de 2009


Picc; ME
Dress - Blanco
Bag - Vintage
Leather jacket - Blanco
Gloves - a little shop in Palma
Stockings - Blanco

That's what I did last night! It was Dimecres Bò, a party from Inca, my high school is from there, so we had holidays, lol. This photo is taken in PERESTROIKA, the best bar of all Inca! It's really fashion and minimal, It's like going to another world.
At the end I found my plumetti, lol, in blanco. Lucky me, it was the last unit.
Do you need for party?

dilluns, 16 de novembre de 2009


Aren't they cute? Edward and Bella by Barbie. Little girls, now you'll can play to bite the girl, or to be the one who's bitten.

Who's the one who doesn't love Barbie? Yes, that perfect girl that all we wanted to be. The girl with 100 works, as clever as pretty and sweet as she can be.
Louboutin loves her, and she knows it.
In her 50th birthday (just like if she was 20th, the plastic girl, you know), Louboutin did her some dresses inspired since a kind of Satine (Moulin Rouge), to some hollywood divas.

diumenge, 15 de novembre de 2009

Leggins: The new trousers?

Hello everyone! How are you? Sorry, I've been really bussy with all my tests, I really hate the school, lol. I'm back and I wanna talk to you about the leggins. I really love them! Actually, in my closet there aren't more than 2 or 3 jeans, it's full of leggins! Some jenas-leggins, sport-leggins and leather-leggins :).
I've updated some photos from marie claire (the magazine), from different designers, hope you like them and tell me what you think about the leggins!

Roberto Caballi-
He has chosen leather leggins with some little zippers in the sides. This look is perfect for to hang out with friends, it's really fem fatale. I know that the total black look is fashionable, but I alwaus need a bit of colour in my outfits. Actually I love all the grey tonalities.

Pedro del hierro-
Pedro is more classic. He chose a brown leather jeans, with a voluminous coat and gives a rock touch to the outfit with that booties.

Ninna Richie-
I love this outfit! Is really avant-gardist. My favorite part is the coat, I want one like this! The other day I went shopping in Palma, and I see one like this but in red. God, in the moment I fell in love... The violet leggins are really cool, and dared, with a bit of leather too (leatherleatherleather, lol).

Isabel Marant-
Isabel gives us a perfect look for one office day. The classic black leggins (my first ones were black, just like this!) The trench is adorable too, and that booties with tacks... huuum. Can some designer make a clown? lol.

Diane Von Furstemberg-
Diane is always surprising us with different looks. That leggins are a print mix, with brown tonalities. Personally I don't like them, but there are always different opinions. The bag and the shoes are georgeous, so chic.

Always so risked, but so feminine. Once again our beloved Chanel dazzles us with their designs. Personally I don't know if I could wear one of this, but it's so cute... (with that glasses and that hair I can't see the model's face)

Alexander Wang-
He still being in the 80's!
That broken leggis are nice, you can wear it with a white t-shirt with the rollin's symbol and a black booties.
So you're ready for a rock'n'roll night!

So what do you think?
Would you wear some of theese?
Lot of love.

diumenge, 8 de novembre de 2009

Winter wishes

Oh, like every year I make a wishes list, with all the thing I would like to have in winter... I know that some of them are a bit expensive, but I don't care, lot of shops make clowns, lol.

I've got a messenger bag, a converse messenger bag, but I use to use it just for going to school. I need one for to use it on evenings:)

I want that cape like this. This one is from BLANCO, don't you think that this one is adorable?

I want a water boots too, lately in Mallorca i'ts raining a lot...The sky is black!

And in the last place, but not the least important the UGG'S.
Do you know where can I found a clown? Brr, I really adore them! They seem to the so hot...

So tell me, have you got any winter wish?
Lot of love.


dimecres, 4 de novembre de 2009


Arriba un moment en que tot el que tenies s'enfonsa. Alomillor segueix tot igual, però em fa la impressió de que la vida em fa voltes, de que el que ve aqui, ara va allà...
Moments de canvis, diria jo. Amb el començament d'un nou institut tot s'està movent del lloc de procedència, i no se com trobar les coses, perquè ja no se on les he deixades.
Te n'adones que no saps amb qui confiar, que no saps qui realment t'importa i a qui realment li importes. Època de veure el mon amb altres ulls, uns ulls que ens parlin i ens indiquin quin és el camí a seguir...

Sabeu el que és voler cridar fins que sembli que el cor us ha d'explotar? De rompre mil plats? De voler mossegar a algú? Tenc tanta energia acumulada que no se com treurer-la tota...

diumenge, 1 de novembre de 2009

Halloween 09'

At the end I don't wore any costume! But god, the best night of all my life, lol. We pass the whole night dancing, all night singin'. Lot of tequila and lot of laughts. I can't believe that we're being on november right now, next month is christmas and I have no money to buy all the presents :S.
What about your halloween?