dimarts, 13 d’octubre de 2009

Per aquí, per allà

Hello everyone! I'm back. I was out for a while cuz I've started the
school and I'm really stressed. I haven't had time to do anithing, the official languages school,
the high school, and other things keep my head away from the
computer. When I saw the photos of this post I though, WOW! They look like very
simple but their clothes have been thinked since the last detail.
I'm imaginating myself in 10 years, working in a fashion magazine
and dressed that way.. Hum, dreams! lol.
I took the photos from ELLE.ES in an article about the
best clothes in London. Love the Elle! U don't?

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  1. Pero Xiiisca guuuuapa... ¿todo en inglés? Y tus lectoras españolas ¡¡¡qué!! ajajajaj. Menos más que me defiendo más o menos, eeeh. Bueno.. tu no te estresses, que la rutina nunca es bienvenida jajja. ¡Viva el estilo londinense!



Thanks for those lovely coments! :) I promise I'll answer them when I'll be able. xxx