diumenge, 25 d’octubre de 2009

Light and sweet saturday

Yesterday in the evening, well it was almost night, we went to see a football match in "el CIDE", in Palma. We had much fun, it was an interesting match! But it was full of violence...
I'm sorry, the photos of the complete look are in the camera, so you've gotta wait :). But you can imagin it.. I was wearing a trench with a LBD under it, a long socks, and the shoes of the photo. I really loved my look. But it was very risked, everybody was looking at me!
At the end I couldn't go shopping, cuz i remembered that on monday I've got a gym exam, on twesday an economy exam and on thursday a catala exam...
I wanna be ending the university right now! LOL.
When I grow up I wanna be a fashion journalist and work in some fashion magazine... Well, the dream of a lot of girls.. But since I was little I love writing compositions and histories. I've got a lot of imagination, I really enjoy writing! Every month I buy fashion magazines cuz I like to be on the right way wearing, and I love to choose my family and boyfriend looks!
Oh and next month, I've got to start the gym, REALLY NECESSARY!

One more thing!
What do you think abou long socks?

Hope you'll have a nice sunday :).


dijous, 22 d’octubre de 2009

Jimmy Choo

Hello! :) How are you? Glad of being on friday? haha I do! It's waiting for me an interesting weekend. Today lot of party, don't know where to go, there are: Sub urban, Kopas club or Salafònica. Brr everyone of this places is gonna be the booomb!
On saturday i'll spend the evening in Palma, maybe I'll go shopping (gotta tell to georgia), and on sunday I'll go to visit some museum, maybe Gran Hotel (fundació LA CAIXA).
Casually i've found that photos from the Jimmy Choo new colection for H&M , are you nervous girls? We've gotta wait just one month, JUST ONE! I'm in love with the shoes of the first photo, they are 79'90, but they are cheapper than the original Jimmy Choo shoes, the can cost about 600 € sometimes.
There were more photos. You can visit them in:

Hope you'll be fine.

dimecres, 21 d’octubre de 2009

V de Vogue

The cover girl of november is Julia Stegner. She's coming from Munich and at the moment, she's living in New York.
If you want more information about her, you can find it here:

I'm tired of Greek, Latin, and Philosphy...
Wanna be in holiday right now!

Hope u'll be fine.

diumenge, 18 d’octubre de 2009


I love them, I can't love them more! But I've got a problem, last saturday I went to shopping in Palma and I couldn't found ones :S. Can somebody tell me where they are and the price (approximately)?

Today is monday... Does anyone likes mondays?
A full exams week is waiting for me, and I just wanna relax!

Hope you've started fine the week.


On puc trobar les oxford i a quin preu?
Donde puedo encotrar las oxford y a que precio?

On weekend

Picc; Model - Me Photograph - Cati

Hello everyone! How are you? Have you had fun this weeken? I've really had much fun! On friday I went with my friends to have a dinner, we done a reconciliation. This year we've started the high school so we can't even see. They've stayed in my village high school, and
I'm going to Inca, a little city near my village, but everybody told me that in Inca there are more level, and I can't play with my future... Well, we wen't to have a dinner and I loved it! You don't know how much I was missing them! On saturday morning I studied Greek. In the evening I went with my friends again to the football, to see a football match, CONSTANCIA 2- BINISSALEM 1. We laughted a lot! And today... study and study! I think I'm depressed xD!
So enjoy this sunday for me.


divendres, 16 d’octubre de 2009



dijous, 15 d’octubre de 2009


Hello everybody!
How are you? Brr I'm tired of being looking a custom for halloween. I wanna dress with a prisoner custom, and I can't found one! Lucky, I've got my mum. Hum.. who doesn't love her mum? haha, she'll makes me the prisoner dress. I'm so nervous! We'll go to the Salafònica, a club in Muro, here in Mallorca. I really enjoy it when I'm in the Salafònica, it's
so nice and modern... Please, can you give me some advices about how does my dress shoul be? I know this gotta be of stripes, but if you know some complement you'll help me.



dimecres, 14 d’octubre de 2009

Black wine

Drinking wine, heaving fun...
This photo was taken by one friend of us. This is me and Marta, a friend of mine! It was in my village parties, on september. We celebrate the "vermada", cuz in Mallorca is tradition in the center to do wine, and we make concourses about who make more wine, and everything about wine, lol xD!
We have had super fun!
Hope you'll be fine.

Xo xo

Fashion make us still alive

"Cuz everything we're doing NOW, is everything we'll be TOMORROW..."

dimarts, 13 d’octubre de 2009

Per aquí, per allà

Hello everyone! I'm back. I was out for a while cuz I've started the
school and I'm really stressed. I haven't had time to do anithing, the official languages school,
the high school, and other things keep my head away from the
computer. When I saw the photos of this post I though, WOW! They look like very
simple but their clothes have been thinked since the last detail.
I'm imaginating myself in 10 years, working in a fashion magazine
and dressed that way.. Hum, dreams! lol.
I took the photos from ELLE.ES in an article about the
best clothes in London. Love the Elle! U don't?