dilluns, 6 de febrer de 2012

Obsesssssed LDR

Hi guys! I know I’ve not posted since loong time ago, but I’ve been very busy with university exams, I just have two left and it’s done!

Today I wanted to introduce you to my new obsession, Lana Del Rey. This 25 years old girl is from New York and it’s introduced as the new promise of the pop. What can we expect from her?

At first I saw Youtube promoted her, and that’s why I didn’t even noticed her, I thought it would be comercial… BUT NO! I can say here’s a very potential voice that once you’ve heard her, it’s gonna make it replay and replay and replay….

There has been some controversia about her beginnings: some said she was coming from a humble home. But the truth is that she’s the daughter of domain investor Rob Grant, so you can easily see she has a lot of money… but has it made it easy for her? I personally don’t think so. I’ve been checking about her beginnings and she first started when she drop univerisity for leaving to New York going from pub to pub playing… but with another image:


Nowadays she’s inyected silicone in the mouth and has changed her style for another one more retro, like a 60’s modern woman:



Lana-Del-Rey-Yayo    Here I’ve attached you my favourite song, Blue Jeans, so you can check her voice out! And another thing… some of her videos are broadcasted by herself and they’ve a huge quality.



dissabte, 31 de desembre de 2011

Ti’l the world ends




“Home is where your heart is”

That’s the way I’m feeling right now. This year is coming to its end and I’m feeling kind of nosthalgic because it has been a very important  time in my life. 2011 was not supposed to be as fun as it has been, and that’s why I wanna say good bye in the greatest mood ever, and HELLO to this 2012, which I hope to be as  cool as this year was. Plus I’m so grateful for everything that’s happening in my life, to all those people: if you ever read it, and I know some of you will, hope you still by my side all years long. Loveu.

And to all of you, bloggers, have the happiest new year ever and remember “world doesn’t always has to be perfect, if you’ve a problem, solve it, change it or leave it”.


dimecres, 28 de desembre de 2011

On the go








I wasn’t sure about how to show you this pictures. Finally I got to the conclusion that this is random, this is a little bit of everything, what my world is made by: little things. I feel very blessed these days because of having the oportunity of sharing my time with fabulous friends, a great family and an amazing boyfriend. I guess that was random too…

dijous, 22 de desembre de 2011

Live it up like it’s the weekend

Last night was amazing. We went to have dinner with some guys from the class to La Vaca Paca, a nice restaurant located in Passeig de Gràcia which is bufet. It was a pitty it was friday because we didn’t hang out as it has to be like partying all night hahaha but it was cool anwyay. I laughed a lot during all dinner, I think they really make my days!

dimarts, 20 de desembre de 2011

Uh ha



Cor vermell

dilluns, 19 de desembre de 2011

Yeah (x3)



I looooove x-mas! As you can see I’m wearing the warmest clothes nowadays, it’s freezing, I swore! And this pink beauty is my new computer, I was totally needing a a new one!!! It’s Sony Vaio and I just can’t love the colour no more. What about you guys? Lot of presents lists?

diumenge, 18 de desembre de 2011

My new baby


This will be my new baby tomorrow, I’m so anxious! It’s the model SONY VAIO Y SERIES VPC-YB3V1E in pink, and I just can’t love it no more. What do you say, you got any lovely toy?

dissabte, 17 de desembre de 2011

It’s cold in here!




Hi bloggers! Today I’m freezing and bout to leave home for a walk. This is how I get cold in this iced day. Weeks are passing so fast and in a few weeks college exams are starting (cannot be more nervous!).

The pics I’ve posted today are some random ones just to show you how I’m doing on winter, all day long in my room studying, reading fashion magazines or watching series. How is your winter routine'?

diumenge, 11 de desembre de 2011

Missing pieces


Cold makes me wanna go back over there. I miss Scotland, I miss being walking in Glasgow as if time was forever. I miss being cross Edimburg street and hearing Barbara Streisand as background. X-mas is in here and tomorrow I’m back to Barcelona… but not for a long time!

dimarts, 6 de desembre de 2011

Elite model look 2011

0000303a 507618135

I was so anxious to know who was this year winner, that I’ve finally got surprised by the results! I mean, she’s kind of cute but I think in some other girls there was more much potential… Anyway, congrats to Julia Schneider.

P.S: By clicking in here you’ll find his info http://www.elitemodellook.com/themodels/all/sweden.html